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      Our school is located in Taichung City, central part of Taiwan.  The region that the school situates at is a half commercial and agricultural  place. Most of the people who live here are nice and simple. So the students that come from this region are all nice and simple, too. There are 29 classes and  about 680 students in our school. It is a middle size school in the city. 

      Our principal, Miss Huang Tsui-Chin, is a very kind person and she leads us to make the high quality teaching and learning.  We have a firmly parents association to be the strong backup of the school. They provide many kinds of supports to the school. We all feel nice to learn or work here.

      We have 4 visions for the school, which are health, wisdom, innovation and thanksgiving.

     1.Health: Hope all the children can have healthy bodies and minds.

     2.Wisdom: Hope all the children can got wisdom.

     3.Innovation: Hope all the children and staffs can get innovative thoughts and acts.

    4.Thanksgiving: Hope all the children can keep a thanksgiving mind all the time.

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School Address: 425,Sec.1, Liming Road, Nantun District, Taichung City,Taiwan
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